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SPARCO Kids - New models i-Size Ready in 2023.


SPARCO Kids SK300 Group 0+

The "capsule" and the gateway to your parent hood in life. Now with the ISOFIX base as a complimentary package.

• i-Size ( Group 0+ )
• Rearward facing (Suitable for 40-87cm).
• Weight : 0 - 13 kgs.
• Age : 0 - 18 months (approx).
• Anchorage system: Universal, Semi-Universal.
• Homologation: ECE R129.


SPARCO Kids SK500I Group 0+1

The premium safety workhorse of the Sparco Kids. Designed in mind as a race bucket seat, it encompass with all safety aspect built and putting your child as priority.

• i-Size ( Group: 0+1 )
• Weight : 0 - 18 kgs.
• Age: 0 - 4 years (approx).
• ISOFIX + Support Leg.
• Suitable for children up to 105cm tall.
• Homologation: ECE R129.


SPARCO Kids SK800I Group 2+3

Our premium high back safety child seat. Built and designed in mind for the bigger kids, coupled with the oil and water proofing fabric. Say goodbye to stains.

• i-Size ( Group 2+3 )
  >100-150cm, adoption of car seat belt
• Weight : 9 - 36 kgs.
• Age: 9 months - 12 years (approx).
• Anchorage system: Universal.
• Homologation: ECE R129.


THINK Safety, THINK Sparco Kids!

Sparco Kids provides a range of quality and reliable safety seats and travel accessories, built to the highest manufacturing standards. Giving you peace of mind.

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Why a baby or child seat is important and paramount to their safety.

Never Buy a Used Car Seat

No matter the discount, do not buy used car seats because you do not know their history. Accidents and even sun-exposure can alter a car seat’s safety. If the seat has been in an accident previously, it may shows signs of damage and may not offer the best protection to your child. It’s also a bad idea to buy used because you might not know if there has been a recall on the product. It’s better to buy new for your child’s safety.

A shocking 94 per cent of children here in Singapore are not safe in cars.

That’s according to a 2016 report of the International Journal Of Environment Research And Public Health, which found only 6.1 per cent of children (12 and below) in Singapore are placed in proper child restraint seats.

Studies show that the use of child car restraints — such as child car seats, booster seats and seat belts — can reduce the incidence of death in road traffic accidents by 50 to 70 per cent.

In Singapore, three times as many babies died in car accidents in 2014 in comparison to the US.* A recent study released by KKH found that of 2,468 road traffic injury patients seen in Singapore paediatric emergency departments, 51% of motor vehicle passengers were unrestrained at the time of the accident. This is shocking given how safe Singapore is perceived to be, and yet only 6% of children are placed in proper restraint seats. That means 94 per cent of children here are not safe in cars.

Our exclusive lifetime exchange programme

Speak to us on our 1 - 1 accident replacement programme, exclusively for SPARCO Kids parents.

We all know that moment when we are all glad that the child seat has served the safety purpose during an accident.

We, at SPARCO Kids Singapore wish to play a role in ensuring that all SPARCO Kids product (safety child seat) do not compromise on the safety integrity after the accident.

A never before lifetime replacement coverage is extended (up to 12 years old - based on the age of the youngest member at the point of purchase, date of birth or warranty registration) for a 1 to 1 exchange with us.

We, as parents too know that we need that piece of mind. The rule is simple, as long as there is any deployment of your vehicle's safety air bag system you will qualify (one-time) for a 1 to 1 replacement programme for usage within the same family household (siblings) members.

Documentation Requirement - Traffic Police Report / Accident Photos / Insurance Claims Report

Every safety child seat purchased from us will automatically qualify for the accident replacement programme. Simply register the warranty by scanning the warranty QR code at the back of the seat, it's that simple.

Sparco Kids Singapore X Pramwash

It’s gonna be tough for every week with your little ones which is why we have decided to give all mummies and daddies a break when it comes to cleaning your Sparco Kids safety child seat.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Pramwash as our official cleaning vendor for our Sparco Kids products.

The leading cleaning service provider for seats and strollers is conveniently located at VivoCity Singapore and E Hub.Rest your mind, take a midday nap instead and leave the cleaning to the experts. For every purchase of the safety child seat (on selected models), you will be entitled to the LITE & UV-C session absolutely free!It’s on us.

Think Safety, Think Sparco Kids!

Our Sparco Kids Family

The little ones are loving their Sparco Kids experience!

Think Safety, Think Sparco Kids!

  • Our line of safety heritage.

  • From F1, to Go karting.
  • Our line of safety heritage.

  • From F1, to Go karting.
  • Our line of safety heritage.

  • From F1, to Go karting.

Our line of safety heritage.

From F1, to Go karting.

Our line of safety heritage.

From F1, to Go karting.

Our line of safety heritage.

From F1, to Go karting.

LEASE a SPARCO Kids Baby Car Seat

We all know that we need to save a little for the rainy days. That is why at Sparco Kids Singapore we believe in making things possible.

From as little as $3 per day, you can walk away with the choice of your baby car seat with us!

Drop us a message for more details. Coming soon.

Think Safety, Think Sparco Kids!

What are the differences?

ECE R44/04 vs ECE R129

ECE R44/04 is the older car seat standards compared to ECE R129 (also known as i-Size), which is a more recent car seat safety standards under the United Nation law.

ECE R44/04

Classification based on child’s weight (KG)

Categorized by groups (Group 0+, I, II, III)

Child can be forward-facing from 9 kg

Used for seatbelt or ISOFIX seats

Rear and front impact testing only

ECE R129 (i-Size)

Classification based on child’s height (CM)

No group child must rearward facing to a minimum of 15 months

Used for ISOFIX seats only

Rear, Front and Side impact testing